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Oxon Energy Win the Commendation Award for Special Projects at the Energy Efficiency Awards in 2022

It was a huge year for Oxon Energy in 2022. Coming out of COVID and lock downs, we have put in every effort to make renewables the focus of our business since 2019. So it was a real honour to be nominated, shortlisted and awarded by the Energy Efficiency Awards - South East.

Although we've put heat pumps into homes and businesses since our incorporation back in 2014, it wasn't until 2019 that we decided to ditch oil and gas for good. Our mission has always been to get the best energy efficiencies for our customers and to design the heating system that best suits their individual circumstance.

There is no one size fits all solution for heating a home, every one is different and every one deserves a unique and tailored solution. None more so than our fantastic River Thames Water Source Heat Pump project.

Our client asked us to design and install a heating system that harnessed the power of the Thames to provide heat and hot water to his newly renovated eco-home on the Warren in Caversham.

We worked with the environmental agency and various experts to ensure our water source heat pump would work efficiently and provide the client with enough energy for comfort without unduly damaging the natural eco-system of the Thames.

A purpose built jetty was constructed to protect the energy collectors submerged into the flow of the Thames and to provide a beautiful spot to sit and enjoy the river or climb aboard a boat.

This project was complex and technical and our engineers rose to the occasion. Our expertise helped to earn our client an A rating on his EPC and the assessor remarked that it was one of the most energy efficient properties he had ever reviewed.

At the Energy Efficiency Awards in London, we won the commended award for this project and were also finalists for Renewable Installers of the Year.

This was our first ever award nomination and we were absolutely thrilled to be honoured on the night.

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