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Gas-fired boiler


Underfloor heating perfectly complements a renewable energy install as the systems use less water than traditional heating, run at a lower temperature and can be individually controlled room by room.

We are experts at installing underfloor heating in more complex retro-fit installations in older or listed properties as well as in new builds, throughout entire properties and on a room-by-room basis.

We use the latest technology to design, supply and fit your system to perfectly heat your home and complement your flooring choice.

An underfloor heating system can cut your bills by up to 40% and reduce your carbon footprint when installed in conjunction with a heat pump system.

Energy Blade installed with WSHP South O


Energy Blades are water-source heat exchangers which are installed in flowing or static water. The Energy Blades extract heat from water for use with a heat pump - this decreases the footprint whilst maximising the energy extraction rate.

Our engineers can advise when an Energy Blade will bring sufficient benefits to a heat pump installation.

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Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery

MVHR systems are growing in popularity and are often the first choice for retaining heat within a new build. Mechanical Ventilation works by recovering and reusing heat from within a home thus reducing the need for additional heating and reducing the homes carbon footprint.

Another benefit of the MVHR system is the improvement in air quality it offers and the health benefits of a home well ventilated with a constant supply of fresh air – warmed or cooled.

Grand Design’s Kevin McCloud is a fan and has installed MVHR in two properties. He states that MVHR systems “can, in effect, ‘clean’ your building of stale air and everything nasty in it.”

This can hugely improve asthma  and allergy symptoms brought on by mould spores, dust mites, pets, pollen and high humidity by effectively removing these from your home through filtration.

MVHR systems come with a heat exchanger that can capture up to 95 per cent of the heat in the stale air being extracted from the building.

They are also extremely efficient and economical with low running costs.

At Oxon Energy we are committed to helping you find the most economical and ecological heating, cooling  system for your property.

We'll work with you to assess what's right for your individual circumstances and recommend products and installations that best match your goals.

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