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Heat Pump Video Tutorials

This is our video resource for our clients to find out more on operating their heat pump or trouble shoot common issues.

We are constantly adding to our video tutorial library. If there's any heat pump video tutorial you can't find please do get in touch and we'll get your sorted.

Mitsubishi Heat Pump Tutorial

Find out how to adjust your weather compensation curve to ensure your home is as warm as you want it and working at optimum efficiency.

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How To Repressurise Your Heat Pump

Find out how to repressure your heat pump system. Most flow errors can be addressed by ensuring your pressure is no lower than 1.5 bar.

Mitsubishi L9 Error

If your Mitsubishi Heat Pump controller is displaying an L9 error code follow these steps to clear it and contact us if you need further assistance.

The L9 is the most common error code on the Mitsubishi heat pump and it's usually a simple fix you can do at home.

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How to change the time on your Midea/Clivet controller

Find out how to change the time on your Midea or Clivet heat pump controller

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