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Reduce your carbon footprint with a heat pump

Installing an air source heat pump in your home is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Heat pumps are energy efficient and utilise renewable sources of energy which virtually eliminates the need for burning fossil fuels, the main source of carbon emissions in the UK.

By using a heat pump you can reduce your carbon footprint

by up to 90 percent and make your home greener and cleaner.

The process of using a heat pump to heat or cool your home starts with the system extracting hot or cold air from outside. This external air is then compressed within the unit, increasing its temperature before entering your home as hot or cold air depending on the season or transferring the heat to a hot water system that warms your house via radiators or water-fed underfloor heating.

The efficiency of a heat pump will depend on how much it needs to compress the air – meaning the colder the environment, the more energy that is consumed during this process. This is why location plays an important role when considering installing a heat pump – as positioning it near an open space with warmer temperatures decreases its running costs and how much energy you consume.

If you opt to install an MVHR system alongside your heat pump you'll enjoy further environmental benefits. An MVHR system helps to keep your home at an ambient temperature by preventing un-wanted heat loss and at the same time filters out pollutants in the environment including dust and pollen particles, making indoor air healthier and cleaner for your family.

Due to the growing demand for green energy solutions, reducing your carbon footprint with a heat pump may give you access to additional financial incentives such as installation grants through Ofgem's Boiler Upgrade Scheme and individual mortgage company payouts. These incentives vary depending so it's worth talking to your mortgage company to see what they're offering to help you reduce your carbon footprint further.

Investing into an air source heat pump system is a great way to reduce household reliance on fossil fuels while helping slow climate change too. The carbon savings make this technology a no-brainer for those who want to lead a more sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing comfort in their own homes.

Your EPC will give you a good idea of the carbon savings you could enjoy if fitting an efficient heat pump to replace your existing boiler or electric system. For more information or to receive a complimentary quote please get in touch with us at

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