We design, supply and fit a range of heat pumps and work with you to identify and design the best system for your individual requirements and heat loss specifications.






Ground source heat pumps raise the temperature of heat gained from the ground to warm a property. The pumps can also be used to cool either by using a passive circuit or an active circuit depending on the cooling required. Using both heating and cooling modes boosts the annual performance of the system, giving great fuel savings and a significant reduction in carbon emissions.



Water source heat pumps (WSHPs) move heat from a source of water - i.e. a lake, larger pond, river or small stream. They use the  constant temperature of the water as an exchange medium instead of extracting the heat from the outdoor air temperature. A water source heat pumps can often out perform an ASHP in efficiency even in colder weather.

Oxon Energy has installed water-source heat pumps using closed loop lake connectors and energy blades in Oxfordshire and Hampshire.



Air source heat pumps draw air across an evaporator heat exchanger to heat homes and water. They are an ideal choice where a ground source heat pump isn’t possible or desirable and can run in conjunction with an existing traditional boiler system.


Manage your install in style

At Oxon Energy we take great pride in designing and installing beautifully functional and visually arresting engine rooms to manage your sustainable installation.

A plant room should be installed with precision and Oxon Energy can work with your builder, architect or project manager to ensure your plant room is something to be proud of.

We'll ensure you understand the full functionality of your system and leave you with a plant room you can be proud of.

Heat Pumps use heat generated from the surrounding environment to guarantee heat supply in your property. There are fewer more economical and environmentally friendly ways to heat your space and maintain your hot water. However the heat pump chosen will depend on a number of factors including the type of home or property you have, the grounds and environment surrounding the property and the sources of heat available – these can be Ground Source, Water Source or Air Source.

We work closely with you to identify which system will best suit your needs. As we are not tied to any specific manufacturers we are able to recommend the right heat pump installations for your commercial and residential projects.

Oxon Energy is a leader in installing heat pump technology. We are MCS certified heat pump installers in Oxfordshire and our clients may be able to benefit from the Green Homes Grant and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).


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